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Author's Log


Hey guys, big update: I'm going to be co-posting on both Neocites and Webtoon/Tapas. Basically what's going to happen is that Captain Jellyfish will be three chapters ahead of what's on Webtoon/Tapas and things on here will continue to run as usual(Chapter/author updates, random ramblings, etc.), and in accordance with the strike for Palestine from the 18-25, Captain Jellyfish chapter 57 will come out on the 26th. See you there!


And so our first(?) interlude is here! And on time for once haha


And the finale for volume 5 is here! Thank you for your patience in uploading, as I forgot about the strike when I initially said that it would be uploaded yesterday. In accordance with the strike, I decided to move the upload date to the 29th. Hope you enjoyed the chapter!




Blight's been added to the Characters page, and her wanted poster has been added! :)


Chapter 54 is here! Sorry for the delay and thank you for understanding!


Unfortunately, due to my arm hurting to move from a combination of a vaccine shot and soon blood being drawn for testing, Captain Jellyfish will not update this sunday but instead on monday. Sorry everyone :( I know myself and getting my blood drawn combined with work... Yeah I'm stright up going to be down for the count for a day or two. Thanks for understanding!


Its really weird despite not working on the comic for like, a week(which is usual for me I work on the comic every other week to avoid burnout), it feels like I haven't worked on it in months. Maybe it's because it's a new year, maybe it's because so much happened this week, I donn't know. Either way I'm ready to work on the comic :)


And so chapter 53 is here! I decided to upload it a bit early because of the holiday lol. Happy New Years!


Chapter 52 is here!


And so we have a news letter/email list! You can now get notified when the comic updates! I meant to do this a while back but then life happened(death and all that), but it's here now lol. I had some people suggest a RSS feed, and while that did sound like a good idea, I know not everyone has one, and honestly I'd feel bad asking for people to download something to get comic notifications after the move off of webtoon/tapas lol


WOAH Thanks for 2000 hits!


I'm going to start killing people I just noticed that I've been misspelling "official"


I've made some minor adjustments to chapter 51 as it wasn't up to my standard of quality. Sorry about any confusion! In better news however, as you may have noticed, I've now joined a Webcomic Ring! Everyone's comics in the ring are spectacular, so be sure to check them all out when you get the chance :)


WE'RE SO BACK BBY! Make sure your volume's working for chapter 51 because it's here :D !!!


Captain Jellyfish returns this sunday! Be sure to tune in because there's a little surprize :)


Hey guys, so I have some really unfortunate news...My grandmother died two days ago. There's a lot of craziness going on this week and I thought that I might still be able to update on sunday but I just can't. Normally I'd just update next sunday, but that falls on thanksgiving week and I won't have the time to work on it so... Yeah Captain Jellyfish chapter 51 won't be updated unti December 3rd. Sorry about that.


Oh my gosh I can't belive that the comic's second year anniversary has snuck up on me like this! Thank you to everyone who has supported Captain Jellyfish, I honestly couldn't have gone on for this long without you guys. I know I keep saying it, but you have no clue how happy I am that people even followed me over here to my own site. I know it's not perfect and I know there's still updates to be made, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting and reading Captain Jellyfish :)


Looking back on it it's really dumb how worried I was about people seeing my comic as a "dark magical girl comic" like dude who cares. I mean I wouldn't personally label it as a "dark" magical girl comic, but to each their own ig. Like I technically know why the reason I was so weird about it was beacuse I got freaked out by some jackass acting like dark magical girl shows personally killed the genre with their own two hands and the creators who make them get off on watching young girls suffer, but like looking back on it, it was just bad faith criticism likely rooted in frustration at the lack of diversity in recent magical girl shows.


Chapter 50 is now officially up! I added a little something in there, so I hope you enjoy it :)


I fixed pages 8, 48, and 49, sorry about that! Also I'm hearing about some iphone users having trouble viewing comic pages? I don't know how that happpened, but I'll try to figure out how to fix it!

Edit:Okay I think I fixed it???


The site updates are now complete, so just what's new?

  1. Comic page layout
  2. I took out the side columns for comic pages, as it was kind of a hassle to have to manually update each new list everytime a chapter updated. Besides, I don't think most people will go from chapter 7 to chapter 45, they'll probably just want to read from chapter to chapter.

  3. Made the entire site mobile friendly
  4. I finally fixed the site on mobile lmao. Sorry, I know I should've done it sooner, I just didn't have the time and figured that the way it was would've been fine until I got it fixed/formatted correctly. Thank you for your patience regarding the mobile formatting up until this point.

And that concludes the list of site updates for now! I'm sure that I'll need to do some major site updates for something or rather later down the line, but for now I'm happy with the site as is. Also, just as a reminder, make sure to fill out the Google form I made regarding whether not you'd be interested in an email list if you haven't done so already. Thank you! :)


And so the site updates begin! If you go any further make sure to bring a hard hat!

A club penguin penguin, who's red in color, drills using an orange drill


Just as a heads up, the site's going to under construction on thursday and friday, so be sure to check out the most recent chapter! Also, should I have an email list you guys can sign up for to let you know when Captain Jellyfish updates? IDK I was thinking about it, and I was hoping that it would be a nice little reminder, sort of like how webtoon would notify you when a series you subscribed to updated. Here's a google form you can use to vote lol


Chapter 49 is now officially up! I have to leave the house for a bit and I won't be back in time for when I usually update, so have an early chapter!

Edit:Okay I fixed the links, sorry about that


Thank you for 1000 hits! I know the hit counter is a bit jank(I got rid of the code but it's still somehow here???) but you have no idea how happy I am to see that people actually followed me over here lol


Chapter 48 is now officially up!


The comments are fixed! Once again thank you sm Ayano(creator of the widget), for helping me figure out the problem. The comments should work now :)

autism creature with confetti exploding


I'm currently working on fixing the issues with the comment widget, and this may take a hot minute until I get everything fixed. Sorry for the confusion and thank you for understanding!

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Chapter 47 is now offcially up!


Thank you sm to the people who told me about the bugs on the site, I'm working on fixing them rn. As for chapter 47 being a duplicate of chapter 46, I must of gotten ahead of myself, since I'm in the middle of drawing that chapter rn lol. Thank you again!

a weevil like bug munching on a floppy disk


The problem should be fixed now, thank your for your patience!


And we're live! Welcome to the new site everyone :) Here is another link to the doc I was talking about lol.




I'm currently assembling/getting the rest of the chapters ready for the website and let me tell you the urge to redraw them all is strong but the desire to get this site out at a reasonable time is stonger... (Seriously though thank you to everyone to put up with the raccoon scratch that is the first volume. I'm sure I'll say something similar in the future regarding the more recent chapters but that's a problem for future me lol)


Ough I'm going through webring lists and even though the site isn't done yet, I think it'd be fun to create a webring for ex-webtoon artists who moved to host their comic on their own site. I really want to find other artists who've ditched webtoon, and I feel like a webring would be a fun way to do that. I want to build a sense of community, something that I feel like webtoon doesn't have, not just with other artists but with the people reading my comic. *sigh* I better get back to work I still have *checks notes* only the first chapter up. I better fix that...